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Passenger Locator

In accordance with CIVIL CONTINGENCIES EMERGENCY (CORONAVIRUS) (TEMPORARY RESTRICTIONS ON ENTRY INTO GIBRALTAR AND TESTING) Regulations, no person travelling by air from the United Kingdom may enter Gibraltar unless :

(a) falls within the definition of a Gibraltarian pursuant to section 4 of the Gibraltarian Status Act;

(b) is a lawful resident of Gibraltar;

(c) is a seafarer who- (i) is on transit to a vessel which is berthed or at anchor within British Gibraltar Territorial Waters; (ii) holds a valid seafarer’s book; and (iii) has a letter of guarantee from a shipping agent registered in Gibraltar 

(d) is a Spanish national and is on transit to Spain 

(e) intends to transit Gibraltar for the purposes of entering Spain and the person

(i) is lawfully resident in Spain, and (ii) is or will be allowed to enter Spain from Gibraltar 

(f) is carrying out a work activity in Gibraltar or who are taking up employment in Gibraltar 

(g) is a member of the armed forces and  the person has been issued with a travel order that states that Gibraltar is the persons destination

 (h) is the holder of a letter, electronic or otherwise, issued by the Borders and Coast Guard Agency granting P leave to enter Gibraltar.

If you are arriving on a flight at Gibraltar International Airport you will need to fill in a passenger locator form online before you can pass through customs, the form will then send you a unique barcode via email, this will be scanned by Borders & Coastguards upon arrival.

You can only fill in this form once you have checked in and know your seat number.

In order to complete the form you will require:

  • An email address to receive your confirmation
  • Your passport
  • Your flight details along with an allocated seat number
  • Contact details of someone in Gibraltar

To proceed please confirm that you have checked in.

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